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Fair Oaks Farms

Fair Oaks Farms is one of the largest dairy producers in the United States, headquartered in Fair Oaks, Indiana. The company is passionate about sustainable farming efforts, protecting the environment, providing the best care for their animals, educating the public, and producing the highest quality products possible.


VA was tasked with building a completely new shopping experience for Fair Oaks Farms’ online cheese store while adhering to an accelerated timeline. Additionally, it was required that users be able to ship items from their shopping cart to multiple addresses, all in the same order. A responsively designed user interface requirement added an additional layer of sophistication to the project.


VA worked closely with Fair Oaks Farms in order to produce a user experience that was beautiful, easy to use, and allowed customers to enjoy their shopping experience on a broad range of devices. Careful attention was made during the design of the checkout process in order to guide the customer through each step using conversational language. Multiple shipments were handled through a series of questions in which the user first selects an address to ship to, and then selecting the item and quantity for each shipment. The custom-built E-Commerce Back-End provides a wide range of e-commerce management tools, including user permissions, product, promotions, gift cards, inventory, invoicing, mailing lists, shipping, and reporting.

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