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Developing websites and software applications for the modern web is no longer a one or two man job—it requires the skills from a team of professionals, specializing in areas such as human-computer interaction, concept design, user-interface development, software engineering, systems testing, social media and marketing.

Team 360 is VA’s response to businesses of all sizes that require continual access to a team of industry veterans, but can’t justify the cost of a full-time team. Effectively, VA will become a member of your own organization, taking the time to fully understand your business and providing ongoing access to the full, 360 degree scope of VA’s service offerings. How much assistance you’d like from VA is entirely up to you, whether that be ten hours a month or one hundred. And no matter how many hours you choose to spend with VA, you’ll always have direct and personal access to highly experienced software developers, UX designers, strategy consultants, and idea generators that call upon vastly different skill sets in order to solve problems. Hours roll over from month-to-month, so you can save up hours for a software addition that you’ve been thinking about, or conduct large-scale research for user experience improvements and modernizations.

Access to Team 360 means that we are all on the same team. We’re passionate about this stuff, whether it’s idea generation, concept design, software development, strategy consulting, or simply general maintenance. Best of all, Team 360 happens at a discounted rate.

Tell us about your needs, and we’ll get a team put together for you!

What’s It Like Having Team 360 Around?

Imagine that you have an existing ecommerce storefront and you’re just not getting the business that you’d hoped, so you solicit VA’s Team 360 to get to the bottom of it. To start, VA will conduct a series of conversations with you regarding your business, product, and the current user experience regarding the website, customer service, and the actual product itself. A UX designer may schedule a personal evaluation, or perhaps a usability test in order to solicit feedback from real-world users. These results and associated recommendations are then shared with you.

The next steps are up to you.

If you’d like to implement any or all of the recommendations, you’ll gain access to members of the team that are responsible for designing and implementing the highly technical aspects of the project. Or perhaps you’ve simply run out of hours and want to wait until next month to make the changes. Maybe there are only a few recommendations that you wish to implement at this time, and you want to save the others for later, perhaps even six months down the line. It’s all okay with us.

Have a question about the project or want to bounce some ideas off one of our experts? You can call or email the person responsible directly. Or you can email the entire team all at once through our online portal. They’re your team, after all—for as many hours per month as you need. This is your chance to develop a personal working relationship with each member of the team.

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